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 Geneva has a well-deserved reputation of being an expensive city. However, it is possible to find accommodation at reasonable prices either in Geneva or in neighbouring France.

 We have not prebooked rooms in hotels because they would be much more expensive than those you can find in or similar online accommodation booking websites.

 Some practical tips concerning accommodation: 

  • Check AirBnB (even the Tourist Office advises  to do it… even if not officially). There are now in Switzerland 15000 rooms, studios and apartments being offered in AirBnB.
  • You can look for accommodation in neighbouring France (look for Ferney-Voltaire, Gaillard, Annemasse). Being in France is always cheaper but you will not have some advantages offered by Geneva hotels such as free transportation during your stay. Check public transportation availability before booking a room in France. It’s better to look in Gaillard and Annemasse rather than in Ferney-Voltaire from the transportation point of view. In case of doubt, please ask us.
  • Type Uni Mail in Google to look for directions.

 Some practical tips concerning travel: 

  • If you travel by car, consider not to use it in Geneva. It is only possible to park in the street for short periods of time (paying) and, although parking places are available in the building of the conference or nearby, they are expensive.
  • There are many airlines flying to Geneva, including low cost EasyJet. The airport is located only 4 km from the city centre and excellently communicated by bus and train. Transportation to the city is free on arrival. Other airports to consider would be Basel, Zurich and Lyon.
  • Train service in Switzerland is one of the best in the world (if not the best) but it is expensive. However, there are plenty of ways of not paying the full fare. Check before buying your tickets.

 You will find a lot of useful information concerning travel, accommodation and sightseeing at the website of Geneve tourisme.