Two half-day workshops are planned in ISSP17:


Solubility in energy and waste issues of emerging concern  more

Solubility and equilibrium related processes are called to play a key role in emerging society subjects such as greenhouse gases (carbon capture and storage, methane clathrates), emerging energy technologies (fracking; geothermal energy) and long-term behaviour of waste disposal sites. Our objective is to gather experts on these specific subjects and to ask them to elucidate what data are needed (with some specific examples) and whether these data are available.


Technology-critical elements prone to hydrolysis in biological and environmental systems (COST TD1407 workshop)  more

New technologies in the fields of communication, mobility and energy drive the increasing extraction, use and emission of a range of trace elements, including platinum group metals, certain rare earth elements, and Y, Nb, Ta, Ga, In, Tl, Ge and Te. Due to limited resources and supplies, most of these elements are considered technology-critical elements (TCE) of strategic importance, and initiatives at national and international levels are therefore underway to secure their availability in the coming years. Because of their increasing use, poorly understood biogeochemical behavior and (potential) toxicity, TCE and other rare trace elements are emerging inorganic contaminants of substantial concern. Solubility, equilibrium and kinetic processes concerning TCEs sensitive to hydrolysis will be the object of this workshop.